Tea is the second most consumed beverage after water. Tea drinkers not only enjoy a hot cup of tea for its soothing and relaxing effects but also for it numerous health benefits. The Wu Yi tea is one healthy variety usually served in Chinese restaurants, and it’s popularly known as Oolong tea. The tea is believed to have weight loss benefits when taken at least once a day. Continue reading

The health benefits of wu yi tea


The process of making Wu yi tea.

The process of how this wu yi tea is made is important because it directly influences the health benefits that it brings to the drinker.

This tea is a native Chinese tea sub variety that is under a class of teas called Oolong teas. Oolong tea is unique in the way it is produced.

The process of producing this tea involves the exposure of tea leaves under the sun to commence the wiltering process, they are the shaken and exposed to air again so that oxidation can begin. This oxidation lasts only two hours, where the leaves are then twisted to produce the said high quality, semi oxidised teas. Continue reading

The Benefits Of Drinking Wu Yi Tea


Talking about the benefits of drinking Wu Yi tea, residing in it are a great deal of benefits and interests for the society of modern age. The tea is an overall solution to many day to day complications being faced by us.

More specifically, Wu Yi tea is the optimum drink meant to be taken in on daily basis to observe rationale changes for our hectic problems.

The Tea is not only a slimming formula, which is most widely renowned, but it offers astonishingly diverse benefits, making it a perfect drink to be a part of daily diet and routine.

The key ingredient, by the name of antioxidant in the Tea, plays an important role in revitalizing the health and body. The antioxidants basically fight over the free radicals being produced by harmful sources in our bodies.

Thus it fights over as an ally with our immune system, trying to take over all the jeopardizing elements in our body. Therefore ensuring a prolong healthy life of the individual utilizing it.
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Can Wu-Yi Tea Really Burn Fat?


For over centuries, Wu Yi Tea has been utilized by the Chinese as a Formula to control Weight and burn calories. Now it has been recognized World Wide as the most authentic and genuine source of Weight Loss.

Since it is a pure natural ingredient, there is no possibility for side effects. This has been practically proven by the use of it for such a prolong time period.

The unwanted weight gain has become a common trauma for the society at the present age. People, out of their busy work schedule, are rarely able to endeavor any sort of physical activity which may help them burn the extra fats and calories or at least control their weight.

At such hectic times there is a need of a diet which may burn over all the excess calories and fats and loosen the undesirable weight. The answer to all these needs comes in the form of a drink, which if conceded as a regular beverage, can provide astonishing results within weeks. The drink for sure comes out to be in the form of the most renowned and substantiated formula for centuries, the Wu Yi Tea.
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What is Wu Yi Tea?

gdfyt5ge4Wu Yi tea is a traditional Chinese origin tea that holds a distinction from the standard teas available in the market.

It’s neither from the family of black tea nor the green tea but its roots prevail somewhere between the two. The composition of the manufacturing of Wu Yi tea involves the specialized processes of proficiently controlled semi oxidation.

The carefully hand plucked tea leaves are oxidized in a very precise and controlled environment to deliver a quality product. It is this specialized process of semi oxidation that distinguishes the Wu Yi tea from the other traditional black and green teas in its color, taste and aroma.
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